Industrial Cranes

In the early 1980's, ZHI was appointed as the exclusive agent and authorized fabricator of Cranes International under license from the Ministry of Industry and Electricity.

The Cranes along with ZHI's high quality of structure manufactured provides infinite possibilities to meet all of our clients' needs for high quality lifting equipment. This total commitment took excellence makes the an excellent choice in cranes.

Standard Overhead Traveling Cranes

Mono beam/ box and Duo beam/ box Capacity ranging from ½ ton to 60 tons Upto 40 meters in span. These are custom built pre-engineered cranes, which incorporate standard proven parts to assure the customer of long term performance and reliability. Due to standard design, spare parts are readily available on short notice minimizing down time.

The Cranes are made for numerous types of applications and include:
  • Container Handling
  • Magnet and Bucket Operation
  • Coil Operation
  • Sewage and Various Bulk Materials
  • Capacity ranging from 2 tons to 150 tons & up to 60 meters in span.
Heavy Cranes
The Heavy Cranes are engineered and built to handle heavy loads up to 200 tons for such applications as:
  • Turbine Buildings
  • Power Generations
  • Shipyards
  • Lumber Handling and numerous other applications were severe duty high load requirements must be met.
Marine offshore Cranes

The Marine Cranes are provided for efficient handling of loads on board ships and ports including oil field applications. The equipment is designed to operate in extreme environments and allow minimum maintenance.