Alzamil Heavy Industries LTD. is a privately-owned Saudi Arabian company that supplies a wide range of products and solutions to the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical.


Process Equipment Division - PED

ZHI is a name that most if not all Proponents & Operators of industrial plants in the region and this includes Local & International EPC Contractors. Our Process Equipment Division specializes in the Design, Manufacturing and Supply of various products and solutions, which include but are not limited to:

  • Pressure Vessels
  • Reactors
  • Columns
  • Deaerators
  • Desalters
  • Dehydrators
  • Slug Catchers
  • Mixers
  • Oil/Gas Separators
  • Heat-Exchangers
  • Storage-Tanks
  • Evaporators

We pride ourselves for having manufactured and executed some of the most challenging deliverables wight unwavering exclusions towards project specific specifications.


Process Packaging Division - PPD

ZHI’s PPD Division was formed in 1985 with an initial focus to provide professional services for the petrochemical industry in the region. This initial focus has evolved into a hub where a high caliber process integration team delivers bespoke solutions to end customers. This myriad of solutions vary in application but agree in modularization and economy. The division delivers all of this output under one roof from engineering, manufacturing, and commissioning. We have a dedicated and well‐honed team that manages these highly complex and multifaceted orders for the client’s peace of mind. The aim is to pioneer bespoke packaged & modularized solutions that optimize the value chain for our clients in oil and gas, power generation, water treatment, chemical processing, custody metering, well head protection, and other auxiliaries.

  • Modular Plants
  • Well Tie in Skids
  • Filtration Skids
  • Separation Skids
  • Chemical Injection Skids
  • Lubrication Oil Skids
  • Metering Skids
  • Surge Relief Skids
  • Proving Systems
  • Water Treatment Skids
  • Desander CyclonesBlack Powder Separation
  • Mist Eliminators
  • Modular Plants


Maintenance Activities Division - MAD

Our commitment to our customers does not end with the equipment supply, we have therefore established a dedicated Maintenance activities Division that specializes in the following services:


Shutdown and Maintenance Services
For plant turnaround & on-site maintenance requirements including modification, repair and upgrade.


In-house and on-site Heat exchanger repair services includes, bundle pulling and tube extraction, plugging, expansion, Pneumatic/Hydrostatic leak detection, inspection & Tube sheet repair.


Bundles, Shells and Vessels


Post-Weld-Heat Treatment PWHT Services
Furnace and localized PWHT facilities are available, with a capability to carry out Furnace PWHT of equipment up to dia. 7M X length 70M in single charge. Furnace PWHT performed for LAS Vessel up to temp. 720 degree centigrade.


Non-Destructive Examinations NDE
In-house NDT facility for PT, MT, RT & UT with qualified NDT personnel & approved Saudi Aramco procedures. RT source available are IR-192 & Co-60. Having capability to carry out RT up to 200mm. Similar qualifications are available for all On-site NDT services.


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